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WASA Sports Start Awards


2018 Western Australian Shooting Association Sports Awards

9 December 2017



The annual WASA Sports Star of the Year Presentation Dinner was held at the WA Gun Club rooms on Saturday 9 December. The Western Australian Shooting Association (Inc) is a spokesman organisation for the ballistic and bow sports within the political and public arenas of Western Australia. The Association, through its Member Associations, undertake to promote the sports to those outside of the sport and to the public, and advocate on behalf of all shooters.


This year saw Matthew Boots win the Jules Steiner Senior award against some pretty tough competition. This would be his 6th nomination for these awards including one in the International category and his 3rd win.


Keigan williams was nominated and won the Jules Steiner Junior award and was also up against some tough competition from WASRA, the WA Bowhunters Association and WAPA. Keigan was also nominated for the Murray Alexander International Award for his performance at the 2016 Pacific Regional Shooting Championships.


WA Police State


Firearms Industry Under Threat

14 November 2017


Letter from Ron Bryant SSAA WA President to all licensed firearms owners




I am writing to advise you of developments in relation to transport options for WA Firearms Dealers in WA due to WA Police imposing a policy determination based on a section of the WA Firearms Act. The result is that WA Police have dictated that Australia Post is no longer an available transport medium.


There are currently 11 transport companies approved to transport firearms in WA, however most don't offer an option to service the Firearms market in WA or are indeed government only.


Along with WA Firearms Traders, SIFA and SFFP and others we have been seeking some common sense resolve in numerous meetings with the Police Commissioner and the Minister for Police. However we have all well and truly had our patience tested with no results and it's time for us to seek your additional help. There are over 85000 licensed shooters in WA and if they all write a letter the impact will be a lot clearer to those making decisions.


To add salt to the wound WA Police appeared to self-approve an exclusive transport company for their own service when they realised the impact of the policy on getting their own equipment around the state to service their operational needs in country regions of Western Australia.


The impact of this debacle creates a situation of a trade shutdown on the WA firearms community. Some examples of this is Firearms Dealers can't get stock "in or out" of the state, when it can be worked out the cost is prohibitive which flows onto you as the end user, country and remote firearms dealers who service our country clubs and members are talking about shutting shop, your second hand gear can't be sent east unless under exorbitant costs if a carrier can be found, same for warranty firearms, and we are reliably told powder cannot currently be brought into WA.


WE URGENTLY need your help by writing to the Police Minister as well as writing to your local Member of Parliament letting them know that you are not happy with the further vilification of the shooting sports. If you don't know who your local Member of Parliament is or what electorate you are in here are the links.


Find your Electorate here


Find your Local Member here


I cannot stress the importance of you helping in writing a basic letter as Australia Post is an approved transport medium in all other states of Australia which is cost effective, safe and secure and has been an acceptable standard in WA for many years without issue.


Below are sample letters to both the WA Police Minister and Local Members that may want to modify with your own examples in dealing with WA Police and the poor treatment you receive when paying Australia's highest fees for licensing.


Yours sincerely,


Ron Bryant

State President





Example Letters

Example Letter To Local Member Re Transport Restrictions

Example Letter To WA Police Minister Re Transport Restrictions


2018 National Championships

Scoped 3-Positional & Field Rifle




The 2018 Scoped 3-Positional & Field Rifle National Championships will be held over the Easter Weekend in 2018.

It will be hosted by Para Branch, South Australia. The SSAA (Para Branch) Inc. Range is situated in the Greenwith area, approximately 25 kilometers north east of Adelaide Click Here for a Map.

Range Contact Number 08 8289 6918

Local rules for Para can be found here.

Although SSAA (National) was formed in 1948, it took until June of 1964 before South Australia held their inaugural meeting. Members and representatives from Interstate attended that meeting, and Rod Marvel was elected as the first South Australian President of SSAA (SA). In later years, Rod was the editor of the Australian Shooters Journal, following the death of Heinz Raz.

Shoots were initially conducted on a make shift range at McHargs Creek, south east of Adelaide. However, the search was on for a more suitable (and central) location. In 1968, some 30 acres of land were leased from Yelki Ltd at Golden Grove. An area of flat land was surrounded by steep hills which towered some 750 feet above the lowest point. Along one side was the Little Para River. In due course the land was purchased and is now freehold. This area is the SSAA Para Range.

The ASJ of April 1969 reported that “all official club activities have now been transferred from McHargs Creek to Para Range.” Many working bees followed, as the range started to take shape. Colin Matthews was a keen shotgun shooter, and also owned a truck, which proved to be invaluable for carting many pieces of equipment and infrastructure. He managed to locate a portable building, which was transported to the range to become the old canteen/clubhouse. Considerable difficulty was experienced in getting the building down to the bottom of the land. There was no bitumen in those days – rather it was a two wheel track, near impassable when wet. The building was brought in on a low loader and the bend at the top of the hill required considerable modification (with explosives) to give enough room for the vehicle and its load to negotiate it. A Caterpillar D6 was attached to the back of the loader to act as a brake on the steep downhill section.

The inaugural shoot was conducted in late 1969, although some casual ones had taken place after working bees. Various SSAA disciplines established areas on the range, including benchrest, pistol and black powder. Many more disciplines would follow over the years.

Para Range really came to attention in 1973, with the holding of the National Championships. In those days the Nationals was a week long carnival of shooting for all SSAA events, and in 1973 the first ever ten target benchrest events (for Australia) were conducted. Bob Perry, an announcer on Radio 5AD, was a Para member and wrote a very comprehensive report for the ASJ.

In 1983, SSAA (SA) Inc was created, and SSAA (Para Range) Inc came into existence as a branch.

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2018 WA State Championships

Scoped 3-Positional & Field Rifle


The 2017 Western Australian Scoped 3-Positional & Field Rifle State Championships will be hosted by SSAA Geraldton. The range is located in Eradu which is a small town located in the Mid West region 50 kilometres east of Geraldton on the Geraldton-Mount Magnet road and 34 kilometres from the Geraldton Airport. Following the opening of the Narngulu-Mullewa railway line in 1894 a station was opened at the location of the current town-site. The name of the station was Greenough River until 1903. It re-mained a station with a station master from 1915 to 1921 and was gazetted as a town in 1920. The station later became a siding until it was closed in 1973. The name is Aboriginal in origin and is the name of a pool found in the nearby Greenough River.


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