• Gun Safety and Youth Training - Conservation - SSAA Scoped 3 Positional - Field Rifle - Handgun
  • Ethical Hunting - Responsible Shooting - Shooter Protection - NRA 3 x 40 - 10m Air Rifle - Single Action







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  Upcoming Competitions  


The following are upcoming SSAA or Club Competitions, whilst every effort is taken in ensuring that the information contained within this page is correct, sometimes due to cancellation or ammendment e-mails not being received it is not possible to guarantee the integrity of these notices and as such are subject to change without notice. For the full SSAA calendar for all disciplines and fully updated information click here.




  National Championships  


Easter, 2019                       2019 Scoped 3-Positional & Field Rifle               TBA         





  State Championships  


22 - 24 September, 2018                        2018 Scoped 3-Positional & Field Rifle               Southern Districts Rifle Club




  International Championships