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ClubhouseThere are four main disciplines that are contested at Southern Districts Rifle Club, they are Rimfire Rifle, Centrefire Rifle, Single Action and Handgun.

Each discipline has different competitions within them. Rimfire & Centrefire Rifle also share two competitions which are combined to make up their National & State Championships making it the dominate discipline within the club .


Competitions incude, for Rimfire - Field Rifle, Scoped 3 Positional, Metallic Silhouette and NRA Anysight Conventional Position. Also under the Rimfire Discipline is Scoped 10m Air Rifle Precision and Scoped 3 Positional Air Rifle.


For Handgun, competitions are - Mandar, Revolver and Field Pistol.

For Single Action various scenarios are set up but they do generally require the same firearms in each. The exceptions are the Long Range Rifle competitions and Cowboy Silhouette.



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  Rimfire & Centrefire Rifle Handgun Single Action
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